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Caring For Your Merino

Care and Handling
Merino is a delicate fibre, but there's no need to be super fussy taking care of it. Just follow these simple directions, and it will last you for seasons to come. Machine wash at 40 degrees Celsius maximum, using a gentle wool wash on your machine. You don't need to hand wash, but you can if you want to! Use a mild detergent. I use Persil sensitive or a wool wash, but you'll have your favourite too.

DO NOT bleach or spot clean.

DO NOT use Napisan or an Oxidiser. It will put holes in your Merino garment. I can't emphasise this enough. To remove stains, follow the helpful guide below.

You can tumble dry on a low heat, or if you prefer, dry flat away from direct sunlight. Sunlight will discolour your Merino, particularly the lighter colours.

Don't peg your Merino if you can help it, but if you must, use soft grip pegs.

Merino is drycleanable.

Stain Removal

Quickly dab with a damp sponge to remove excess blood. Then dab very gently with undiluted white vinegar, followed by cold water.

Butter and grease
First lightly scrape the surface of the stain to remove any excess oil. Then gently sponge with dry cleaning fluid.

Sponge with cold soapy water.

Coffee or tea
Sponge with glycerine. If none is available, use cold water.

Scrape off excess egg and then sponge with cold soapy water.

Place a towel under the affected area. Gently rub soda water toward centre of the stain.

Soap very carefully using a mild soap or flakes, or dab gently with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits.

Immerse in cold water.

Can often be removed by rubbing white bread over the stain with a firm gentle motion.

Allow to dry, and then brush off excess mud. Sponge from back with cold soapy water.

Fruit / Fruit Juice / Red wine
Immerse in cold water.

Quickly blot the area with a dry sponge to absorb as much excess liquid as possible. Dab very gently with undiluted white vinegar, followed by cold water.